Root: Adventure in Bangladesh
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Brain crashes about in a whirlwind of thought and confusion. Tests are done, more to come. Results inconclusive, future dim. Chaos reigns in this foreign land and foreign home. All that is known has been left behind and adjustments to this stress remain elusive.

What has happened? As you know, Shannon and I returned to the United States to deal with a family emergency that her family is having. A two week absence without pay to come and help the family is now looking like a one way ticket to stay. Forget all of the stress and miscellaneous others that we've had to deal with for that problem, but we figured since we were here, I could get some extra medical evaluations on what has been going on with my stomach. Chronic problems since last September, consistent symptoms starting in January, no explaination, no reasons. A mad rush around to doctors here. Lab work done, blood drawn, stool collected and cultured, ultra-sound performed, colonoscopy and endoscopy simultaniously performed, triple the amount of narcotics and sedatives to put yours truly down...still nothing. Not all results are in, most still out. Tomorrow a capsulated camera will be swallowed and will film my small intestine, like all the others in hopes of seeing some parasite, worm, bacterial growth, or who knows what else. Peace Corps refuses to pay for this procedure, so the kind doctor is doing it pro bono. (I seriouly think that he is more academically concerned with what is going on than anything else, but I'll take it.) Today, PC DC informed me that if everything keeps coming in as normal, then they will medically seperate me. I will be removed from Peace Corps and will be stranded in America with no plan, no job, and no home. Return flight scheduled for 1am Tuesday, can't go if results are not back or if they are inconclusive. Shannon can't stay unless she takes additional personal leave without pay. Worst case scenario, in a month I will be forced to resign as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I have borrowed against my future end of service readjustment allowance so that I could make this flight home, there goes $1300 plus the additional $1800 I lose from not completing service. That leaves me with vertiually no money to start a new life in a new year. THe plan was to finish service, travel for half a year and then return to grad school. All gone. Oh, I am married too. Shannon and I together maddily scrabbleing to put our lives together for an unexpected year. All answers unkown. Still dealing and helping with the family here. Still lost in this strange land. Brain is baked and the annoying TV drones on and on in the back ground, piercing my consciousness, breaking my concentration.
Faceless voices as surreal as rickshaw bells once were. The burden and stress attempt to break us as the minutes of the days drag on by with the answers yet to come. Oh what fun it has been to come home.
(On the bright side, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is being released tomorrow!!! Shannon and I have actually had a pretty good time here considering all of the circumstances. She got her film developed and they are phenomenal. Watch out National Geographic, be prepared to pay up.)
As you can see, we be dealing with a lot here. More updates as they come. Peace Y'all!
Saturday, April 16, 2005
Ready for a mind trip? Shannon and I are coming back to the states...tonight!!! F_cking crazy!
This is only for a short time though, last week Shannon and I learned of a family emergency in San Diego, so we are giving up a large part of our readjustment allowance that Peace Corps has been hanging on to and flying out. Needless to say, we were totally unprepared for this. The states. The United States of America. I'm just not sure that I am ready to be thrust right back into Americana so suddenly. It will only be for two weeks, so that is not bad. Its kinda exciting as well. Shannon is super geeked to get back home and spend some time with the family, and I am a bit nervous but excited as well about getting to spend this time with the in-laws. No matter what, we'll be in the states, so that is a much needed break from the Desh.
In other news, Shannon and I are now an Aunt and Uncle!!! On April 12th, my sister gave birth to her first daughter names Carolynn Josephine Eagle, which Shannon and I are dubbing as Caje. I'm disappointed that I will not have an opportunity to see my neice, but it is all very exciting anyways. Now I can collect really cool baby shit and toys from around the world...not that I was doing that before.
I am hoping to have some good down time to write some reflections and thoughts about Bangladesh while I am stateside. I haven't been doing much of that. If there is anything you want to know or are interested in, please give me some direction. Thanks to all and Cheers!

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